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Downloading digital content
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  • There are two categories of digital content, eBooks and videos. 
  • These links are shown on the screen. 
  • When you click one of them, you will see the list of content in the category. 
  • You can choose to download by clicking "Add to Cart," or read details by clicking "Learn More."

  • On the information page, you will see a description of the content, release date, file size and a sample video(s). (Please note Enot all products include sample videos). 
  • If you would like to download the item, click "Add to Cart." 

  • The shopping cart page will be opened.
  • After you check the item, click "Proceed to Checkout." 

  • On the Check out page, you will type your address for our records and click "Continue." 
  • Your address will not be used for billing.


  • Next, click "Continue" since no payment information is required.

  • After reviewing your order, click "Place Order." 

  • The screen confirms your order has been received. 
  • You can go to your account and download the purchased item.