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  • To view videos embedded in PDF files with PC/Mac, you need to install Adobe Reader. Other PDF viewers do not support embedded videos.
  • To watch videos, you need to install Apple QuickTime if no mp4 player is installed in your computer.
Adobe Reader
Apple QuickTime
  • Click links in the email sent from us upon purchase. You also can use links on "My Downloadable Products" on the web site after sign-in.
  • Download will start. Your browser may ask you where to save the file. You can keep an eye on its download progress in the downloads bar at the bottom of your tab (on Google Chrome. Other browsers have a similar function.)  
  • When the file is downloaded, just click its icon to open it. All the files you have ever downloaded are listed on the Downloads page.
  • If you would like to view files later, choose them from Open command from your application, or choose them on Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).