Challenge: 200m Butterfly



Butterfly consumes the most energy out of the 4 styles of swimming; therefore, you can achieve greater distance by improving your efficiency. In this video, you will learn how to use natural up and down motion of your body to swim Butterfly efficiently rather than making body undulation by yourself. You will also learn to breathe easily using the body motion.

● Key Skills by Distance
● Drill01: Posture for Breathing
● Drill02: Downward Motion
● Drill03: Upward Motion
● Drill04: Coordination of the Hands and Body
● Drill05: Complete Breathing Sequence
● Drill06: Single Arm Butterfly
● Drill07: 2 Single Arm + 2 Double Arm Strokes
● Drill08: 1 Single Arm Stroke + 3 Double Arm Strokes
● Drill09: Entry of hands
● Drill10: Turn Practice
● Whole Stroke Practice

● Videos are divided into chapters.
● Text part of the e-Book is based on voice over scripts.
● Video resolution: 640x360 pixels (mp4),480x270 pixels (epub, pdf), 320x180 pixels (web)
● File size: 230MB (each format)
● Total video duration: 26 minutes 43 seconds


Additional Information

Release Date Aug 26, 2013

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