Challenge: Individual Medley



In the Individual Medley, you swim Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle, in that order. It is essential to master common skills to swim the 4 different strokes in a row.
For Butterfly and Breaststroke, you will learn to keep your body flat and streamlined to minimize drag as long as possible. You will also learn to coordinate up and down motion of your body with your arm movement.
For Freestyle and Backstroke, you will learn to maintain front and back balance and extend your body to minimize drag. You will also learn to create propulsion from switch motion with your angled body and insertion of your hand.

1. Posture drill
2. Timing drill: Leaning Switch
3. Timing drill: One stroke after downward motion
4. Kick drill: Back Skate
5. Kick drill: Kicking on your back
6. Arm movement drill: Single Arm drill
7. Arm movement drill: Fist Swim
8. Long axis combo swim
9. Short axis combo swim
10. Turn Practice
11. Whole Stroke Practice

● Videos are divided into chapters.
● Text part of the e-Book is based on voice over scripts.
● Video resolution: 640x360 pixels (mp4),480x270 pixels (epub, pdf), 320x180 pixels (web)
● File size: 210MB (each format)
● Total video duration: 24 minutes 36 seconds


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Release Date Aug 26, 2013

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