TI Freestyle Drill Hands-on Support Guide



Do you want to teach TI drills to others? This is the solution!
You will learn the correct way to support swimmers when they practice TI freestyle drills. Understanding typical errors and how to fix them will help to improve your swim.
This video is used as the official teaching video for TI coaches in Japan.

Basic Skills
1. Superman Glide/Flutter
2. Skate
3. SpearSkate (Pre-Switch Position in SpearSwitch)
4. SpearSwitch
5. SwingSkate
6. SwingSwitch
7. Leaning Switch (Single Arm)
8. Leaning Switch (Both Arms)
9. Superman Glide to Switch
10. Back Balance
11. Sweet Spot
12. Sweet Spot Breathing
13. Side Drill Sequence

● Videos are divided into chapters.
● Text part of the e-Book is based on voice over scripts.
● Video resolution: 640x360 pixels (mp4),480x270 pixels (epub, pdf), 320x180 pixels (web)
● File size: 372MB (each format)
● Total video duration: 45 minutes 06 seconds (including drill samples)


Additional Information

Release Date Aug 26, 2013

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