The Complete Guide to Graceful Freestyle



The Complete Guide to Graceful Freestyle
We thoroughly analyzed renowned Shinji Takeuchi's graceful freestyle and created a learning tool which has several approaches to horn your skills to swim graceful freestyle.

Those approaches include key focal points, stroke phases, sensors, sensations and core skills.
For mastering those skills, there are several ways of learning such as a toolbox, dryland rehearsals, and drills designed for specific skills.

By watching the videos, you will learn the key skills to swim graceful freestyle. By trying drills and tools, you will be able to correct your swim for graceful freestyle.

Seven Keys to Graceful Freestyle
We focused on the impression of graceful freestyle and created seven key points to achieve graceful freestyle.
They are related to postures and movements, and very specific guidelines for controlling body parts come with them.

Seven Stroke Phases of Graceful Freestyle
It is important to understand graceful freestyle with stroke phases. By separating the series of movement into specific segments, you can horn your skills easily. There are seven-stroke phases in freestyle such as glide, switch, recovery, entry, catch and pull, push and finish.

Seven Sensors to Swim Graceful Freestyle
For self-correcting your stroke, it is necessary to find out problems during your swim. We introduced seven kinds of body sensors to control your swim. We recommend practicing Freestyle toolbox to make your body sensors more effective and sensitive.

Seven Sensations to Swim Graceful Freestyle
It is extremely difficult to watch your movements while swimming. So we use different sensations to evaluate your swim. Internalize the feelings of performing the correct movements or positions while swimming, and then use those feelings as a guide to find issues and correct them.

Seven Core Skills to Swim Graceful Freestyle
You need to master certain skills to be able to swim graceful freestyle. They are relaxing and toning, balance, utilizing gravity, awareness of axis, rhythm, breathing, and kick. In the video, you can understand why they are important and how you can acquire them.

● There are several video files (MP4 format) and one PDF file without video.
● Text part of the PDF is based on video scripts.
● Video Resolution: 640x360 pixels(SD version)/1280x720 pixels(HD version
● File size: 414M Bytes(SD version)/1.6G Bytes(HD version)
● Total video duration: 40 minutes

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Release Date Feb 25, 2016

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