Open Water Swimming Speedup Skills Series 3



In open water swimming, there are several factors such as a current and a swell that may impact your speed.
When you swim for a long distance, your speed also will be affected by the change of the form caused by the fatigue.
To change your swim style based on the environment or your condition makes your swim more effective and your speed more sustainable.
In this series, you will learn several kinds of skills to form your swimming styles. The goal is to have multiple gears (swimming styles) to swim faster and more efficient.

Contents of Series 3

Switch Timing Control
You can control your speed by changing the tempo. You will learn to change the tempo by changing the switch timing to avoid slipping. We introduce three kinds of timing control for open water swimming.

Using Leverage
You can get more propulsion from less energy by creating "leverage" with both arms coordinated. In open water swimming, you tend to be pushed by the current or the swell. By utilizing leverage, you can move forward efficiently as well as keep your body stable. You can learn three kinds of leverage in the video.

Gear Control
In open water swimming, it is important to change your swimming style according to the environment and your condition. We call such swimming styles "gears" like riding bicycles. We recommend you to have at least three kinds of gears as follows:
- Cruising Gear
- Low Gear
- High Gear

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Release Date Sep 18, 2015

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