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Get freestyle “tools” which can bring results on the fly!

It is important to identify your problems and quickly fix them in order to swim more easily, longer, faster, and more gracefully. This sequence of action (Observation-Distinction-Correction-Assessment) is called a “tool”, and we provide various tools which can be used to solve your problems and achieve your goal. Start with easy movements, and imprint the feeling that you get from the movements when you swim freestyle.

There are 2 levels based on the level of TI technique, and there are 20 kinds of tools in each level.

● Basic level: 20 tools
The basic level tools are intended to refine your balance and posture with the least resistance. Use them to improve your feeling of leaning forward, stability, smoothness, and breathing.
Posture: 4 tools, Hand entry: 6 tools, Recovery: 4 tools, Breathing: 6 tools

● Advanced level: 20 tools
The advance level tools are intended to help you swim faster and more gracefully. Use them to improve your techniques for recovery, the 2-best kick, and increasing propulsion. You can learn the coordination of the arm movements and the body rotation in the water step-by-step, and this is a very important technique in order to swim effectively.
Posture: 3 tools, Hand entry: 4 tools, Recovery: 3 tools, Underwater stroke: 7 tools, Kick: 3 tools

● Drills for Easy freestyle
You can learn the movements of the TI drills on land including Superman Glade, Skate, SpearSwitch, and SwingSwitch.

● Videos are divided into chapters.
● Text part of the e-Book is based on voice over scripts.
● Video resolution: 640x360 pixels
● File size: 496MB (each format)
● Total video duration: 57 minutes 49 seconds

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Release Date Dec 15, 2014

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